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FAYE ALMOJUELA is an artist and illustrator based in Philippines. We have become online friends during covid-19. We collaborated and exchanged our work. I sent her my designs while she drew a representation of ONARIN with her artistic style. Our works get to travel together. We hope that the postcards will be decorated in someone’s house or it will be given to a love one.


  • Describe yourself as an artist:

     Faye: As a creative person,  I don’t settle for one art style. I push myself to try out a new approach and improve my style over and over. Everytime I have a new idea in mind, I try to illustrate it as deeply as possible in order to improve my artistic vision and skills. It's a never-ending process for me.

  • How did you get into painting: 

    Faye: Growing up, art has already been a big part of my life. My mom used to be a performer while my dad is very good at drawing and lettering. I definitely was influenced by both of them, especially my father. Since I was a kid, I have been drawing traditionally and I only started digital illustrations in October 2019. Since I quit my day job and work as a freelancer, I got myself a lot of time to practice these new drawing skills.

  •  How do you feel drawing and collaboration with ONARIN?

    Faye: As a kid, being a fashion designer has been my ultimate dream and to be able to work with a fashion brand like ONARIN is kind of a dream come true! Tbh, this project made me empowered and seen. Having a collaboration offer from an international brand is a rare opportunity — especially for newbie like me.

  • What kind of medium/technique  do you use?

    Faye: I use to draw with different kinds of pens and sketch pads. As I switched to digital drawing, I got used to drawing on a mobile phone (iphone 6s+) using my index finger. I bought myself a stylus but that didn't really work for me. That's how I illustrated all of the portraits, and you can see that on my instagram including the ones I created for ONARIN. 

  • What do you think about travel postcards? 

    Faye: A postcard is an artistic way to connect with people. Through it, we can share a piece of ourselves or our thoughts and some stories to the ones we care about and somehow inspire others. I think it's a great opportunity, especially for us artists to be able to put our art out there. After all, art is made to be seen.

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